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Lesbians Blamed For Octomommy

Tony Perkins at the Family Research Council knows where the fault lies in the octomommy case. Lesbians did it!
When Nadya Suleman became a mom for the 14th time, she raised more than a few eyebrows. The drama grew by national proportions when details trickled out that Suleman was not only unmarried, but chose to have multiple embryos implanted in her womb through in-vitro fertilization. Last week, taxpayers learned that they would be partially liable for the family's care through hundreds of dollars in food stamps and disability payments. The news fueled even more conviction that the fertility doctor should have refused the procedure.

But is he really to blame--or are our courts? In California, the state Supreme Court made it virtually impossible for a physician to exercise his own judgment after two lesbians sued in 2001 for the right to be artificially inseminated over the doctors' personal or social objections. Last year, in Benitez v. North Coast Women's Care Medical Group, the justices ruled that anti-discrimination laws trumped physicians' rights. In so doing, the court tied the hands of the medical field, leaving little recourse against irresponsible and unhealthy decisions like Suleman's.
Got that? This isn't the fault of a deranged baby machine with a completely unethical doctor, (who has another patient pregnant with quadruplets, by the way). It's the fault of lesbians who demanded their legal right to be parents.

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