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Lesbians Pissed At PETA

Lesbian activists are angry with PETA over their Valentine's Day "vegetarians make better lovers" stunt which featured semi-naked female hotties making out. Via SheWired:
Animal rights organization PETA, who have been widely criticized in the past for their extreme methods, are very proud of their new ‘Vegetarian’s Make Better Lovers’ campaign. The ads include hot, barely clothed women rubbing vegetables on themselves. And that’s not all; they’ve taken the act on the road for a “Girl-On-Girl Make-Out Tour." Over Valentine's Day weekend, PETA volunteers took to the streets to raise attention for their cause. But some are offended by PETA capitalizing on girl-on-girl titillation for a seemingly unrelated subject- vegetarianism. Said one angry blogger, “All this little love fest shows is that lesbian relationships need validation and that women exist to titillate the sexual fantasies of men.”

Fox News isn't happy about the campaign either, but not for the same reasons.

Q: How many semi-naked PETA protesters does it take to change a light bulb?
A: Zero. Semi-naked PETA protesters have never changed anything.

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