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Obama Nationality Myth Continues To Fester Across Wingnutosphere

Three months after the election and the wingnuts still are still devoting jillions of pixels to the "Obama is not a U.S. citizen" bunk. At the moment, no less than seven stories on WingNutDaily's front page are about lawsuits, recall petitions, "proof" of forged birth certificates, etc etc. Yesterday one of the chief architects of this ninnery, Peter Berg, went on Michael Wiener/Savage's radio show to demand that the president be deported as an illegal alien. Seriously. And at CPAC yesterday, Accuracy In Media (BWAH HA HA) spokesdouche Cliff Kincaid brought the subject up to loud cheers.

Dan Savage asks: "Um, is it just me... or are they trying to get the man shot? Sure seems that way."

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