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On Anniversary Of Lawrence King's Murder Comes New Revelations

Today is the anniversary of gay teen Lawrence King's murder by fellow classmate Brandon McInerney. Yesterday the prosecutor in the case revealed that according to students, King was not, in fact, sexually harassing McInerney.
Lawrence "Larry" King wasn't sexually harassing fellow eighth-grade student Brandon McInerney in the weeks leading up to King's shooting death, prosecutors contend in court documents. McInerney was the aggressor, teasing the effeminate King for weeks and vowing to "get a gun and shoot" him, according to a prosecution brief. Multiple students provided accounts of a growing hostility between the two boys, the document shows. Witnesses said King was usually not the aggressor. But after months of teasing by McInerney and other male students who called him "faggot," he had began to retort, according to prosecutors.

The day before the shooting, the two boys were bickering during seventh period. When King left, a student witness said that McInerney commented, "I'm going to shoot him." Just after that class, another student heard King say "I love you" to McInerney as they passed in a hallway. The same student then heard McInerney say he was "going to get a gun and shoot" King, according to prosecutors. A few minutes later, prosecutors allege, McInerney told one of King's friends: "Say goodbye to your friend Larry because you're never going to see him again."

The prosecution brief also reveals for the first time that McInerney was familiar with firearms, and that he had used that particular weapon in the past during target shooting with his family. Investigators found a training video in his possession titled "Shooting in Realistic Environments," as well as skinhead and neo-Nazi books and similar writings from the Internet, prosecutors wrote. "I had to tell the court what we knew at the time the decision was made to file in adult court," Fox said. "So that's what I did."
Memorials for Lawrence King are planned for today. Brandon McInerney is scheduled to be tried as an adult, despite pleas from a broad coalition of LGBT and progressive groups that he be tried in juvenile court.

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