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Ted Two

Today on Michelangelo Signorile's show on SiriusXM OutQ, Grant Haas, Ted Haggard's latest accuser revealed that....oh, I'll just let Pam Spaulding tell you.
Haas said that Gayle Haggard knew a whole lot more about what kind of kinky gay Ted activity was going on than she publicly admits to. When Haas asked about her knowledge of these things, Ted told him "yes, she's a freak too", they went to sex toy stores and even molded a dildo together (calling it "Ted Two"), and put it into him. Oy! She also knew that he had had prior same-sex encounters while he was pastor at the church.
Yes, kids. Good sport that she is, Gayle was pegging the Good Reverend. But wait, there's more.
Ted Haggard's drug problem was way worse than disclosed. He was high while up at the pulpit at times, and once contacted Haas from an airport where Ted was high as a kite and had done so much meth that he was sick and staggering around. He sent messages to Haas saying "the room is spinning" , "I think I'm gonna throw up", and "I did way too much". He also went into detail via text about how he had bought porn, poppers, and meth and that he jerked off for hours. Ted also told him that he tied up his testicles to some rod (I didn't catch the rest of this kink).
And there's much more. I'll get the audio up here as soon as I can. Discuss.

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