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Westboro To Protest In UK

Westboro Baptist Church says they are going to the UK to protest a production of the Laramie Project. The Telegraph asked Shirley-Phelps Roper why they are coming.
"You KNOW his word - you had great light in your land in the 1600s with the vast array of John's (Knox, Bunyan, Brown, Gill, Trapp, etc., etc.) and you have Bible's everywhere! But your goofy queen and her adulterous whore of a son - YIKES put their hand and you all put your hands to mischief at every turn. The antichrist is sitting now, in the Whitehouse, the time is SO SHORT - the Lord is coming and this generation is DOOMED! You see the destruction already before your eyes! As filthy america goes down, and The Beast Obama, That Son of Perdition, that Man of Sin gets his power grab on, you will all give over the power of your government to him and when you see that phony fa├žade fall away, and he gets his war on and all your fawning over him turns to great fear, then you can remember these words. In that hour, if you or any other soul in the UK has a heart to know your God, and you understand that the end is near, you can yet put away your idols, your false gods and your FILTHY manner of life and you can serve the Lord your God in truth! THAT is your only hope. Thanks for asking!"
A member of Parliament has asked the UK's Home Secretary to deny Westboro access to the country.
Maria Miller, MP for Basingstoke, has contacted the Home Secretary after she received emails from concerned constituents. A spokesperson for Ms Miller told that she has "passed on her constituents requests" that members of the Westboro Baptist Church be denied entry into the UK.
I'm wondering how the Phelps would do when they run into the UK's famously stiff laws against public hate speech. Who wants to bet they never show?

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