Main | Saturday, March 21, 2009

Blackus Interruptus

There probably won't be too much blogging this weekend, what with this marathon weekend of parties stretching over the next two days. At the Eagle last night, every person I ran into delivered the customary night-before-Black-Party greeting: "OMG! Whattimeareyougettingthere?!?"

To plotz over one's arrival time, no small consideration for a 16+ hour party, is a grand Black Party tradition. No matter what you finally decide, your friends will want to overrule your decision for reasons that are plainly apparent and logical, except to you. (And to each other.) I think the storming of the beaches of Normandy took less strategic planning that it takes to get five gay men to the door of the Roseland Ballroom at the same time. Whatever time you do arrive, it will be exactly ten seconds before you hear the other customary Black Party question for the first of 500 times: "Whereareyougoingafterthis?!?"

A glimpse of Black Party 2005. Here's my (sort of) live blog of the 2006 party.


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