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Gay Radio Reporter Murdered In Brooklyn

Veteran openly gay ABC radio news reporter George Weber was found stabbed to death in his bed yesterday. Police are speculating that Weber was murdered by a someone he picked up on the internet.
WABC newsman George Weber was slain in a struggle so violent that his killer's blood splattered across the reporter's Brooklyn home, police sources said Monday. Weber's lifeless body, his ankles bound with duct tape, was discovered in the bedroom of his Carroll Gardens apartment Sunday. The radio reporter had been savagely attacked, with multiple cuts to his neck, torso, arms and hands, police said. Blood was found throughout the ransacked apartment, but investigators think some of it belonged to the killer, believed to be a date Weber picked up Friday night, sources said. One neighbor heard a scuffle, followed by several loud thumps Friday night, then silence. Witnesses have told cops they saw a man talking on a cell phone outside Weber's home Friday night. Investigators suspect that Weber arranged to meet his companion over the Internet and were searching his e-mail and Web browser history, sources said.
Weber was known for his disarming interview style. He would often bring his pet dachshund Noodles to interviews, as his subjects would calm down and open up after petting the dog.

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