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Maureen Mullarkey Files Police Complaint Over Prop 8 Hate Mail

The gay Nazis are still after artist/critic Maureen Mullarkey. In a long rambling Weekly Standard piece complaining about how the gay community's "brownshirts" have targeted her since her Prop 8 donation became public, she closes with this:
It is one thing to read hate-filled mail on a computer screen. It is something else to have it in hand. At the end of the week, when it started coming to my house, I filed a police report. Until now, donating to a cause did not open private citizens to a battery of invective and jackboot tactics. While celebrities sport their moral vanity with white ribbons, thousands of ordinary Americans who donated to Prop 8 are being targeted in a vile campaign of intimidation for having supported a measure that, in essence, ratified the crucial relation between marriage and childbearing. Some in California have lost their jobs over it; others worry about an unhinged stranger showing up at the door. Who was it who predicted that if fascism ever came to the United States, it would come in the guise of liberal egalitarianism?
[M]y opposition to same-sex marriage does not originate in the pew. However much sympathy, affection--indeed, love--I have for certain gay persons, "gay marriage" burlesques a primal institution rooted in nature. Marriage, as a unique bond between male and female, predates all politics and religious doctrines. And no one has to believe in God to see social anarchy, with children adrift in the wreckage, at the end of the same-sex marriage road. But any semblance of moral reasoning is lost on a mob. The character and sensibility of the same-sex marriage brigades is told in their litany of sexual hostility.
Ooh, "gay marriage" scare quotes! Of course, Mullarkey is the new grand dame of homosexual persecution over in Freeperland. Seriously, if you are going to piss off your collegeaues by being anti-gay, can there possibly be a worse place in the world to do that than the NYC art community?

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