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More Charges Of LDS Campaign Fraud

Californians Against Hate has filed a new complaint with the Fair Political Practices Commission, charging that the Mormon Church created the National Organization for Marriage as a "secret front" for their anti-marriage equality activities in at least eight states. According to CAH, the church has not properly disclosed their costs in creating the organization.
The Mormon Church appears to have created the National Organization for Marriage (NOM) in the summer of 2007 to qualify California’s Proposition 8 for the November 2008 ballot. They set it up as a Mormon front group, exactly as they did with a very similar organization called Hawaii’s Future Today (HFT) in that state in 1995. HFT was established to pass a constitutional amendment in Hawaii to ban same-sex marriage. Sound familiar? They have now expanded NOM into seven more states, specifically to fight same-sex marriage in those states. We are posting official Mormon Church documents on this web site, dealing with significant Mormon Church actives in Hawaii. These documents show just how the Church operates and they illuminate the replication of the strategy in California in creating NOM to qualify and pass Proposition 8.
Go to, the new site launched by the CAH to provide documentation of their claims.

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