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School Bans Rainbow Wristbands

The ACLU is on the case, defending a 14 year-old Peoria, Arizona student whose principal won't let him wear a rainbow wristband. Via press release:
"When I asked my son's principal why he wouldn't be allowed to wear his wristband to school anymore, he said some teachers found it offensive," said Natali Quintanilla, mother of the eighth grader whose wristband was banned. "My son is honest and happy about who he is, and I love him and support his right to be himself. There are a lot of things teachers should be more concerned about than one little wristband - like educating our children." Quintanilla contacted the ACLU last month after her son Chris's principal told her he wouldn't allow her son to wear his cloth wristband with words "Rainbows are gay" to school anymore. When her son was harassed for being gay earlier this school year, Quintanilla said the same principal told her, "If he didn't put it out there the way he does, he wouldn't have much of a problem."
The ACLU is giving the school ten days to respond to their letter before they file a court challenge.

NOTE: This post has been changed to correctly identify the location as Peoria, Arizona. I originally wrote Iowa. Which makes me dumb, two times. Cuz the other Peoria is in Illinois. Facepalm.

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