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Teen Killer Pleads Not Guilty

Although he has confessed to brutally stabbing to death gay ABC newsman George Weber, 16 year-old self-avowed Satanist John Katehis plead not guilty to second-degree murder today. Katehis claims that Weber offered to pay him $60 and give him cocaine in return for rough sex.
The troubled teen accused in the stabbing death of radio reporter George Weber is a Satan-loving sadomasochist and hustler who agreed to a drug-fueled rough sex romp for $60. Knife fetishist John Katehis, 16, stabbed Weber "50 times to the neck" and body, police said. "He and Weber met online sometime last week and had arranged to meet," Police Commissioner Raymond Kelly said. "There was going to be an exchange of money." Katehis was charged as an adult with second-degree murder and criminal possession of a weapon at his arraignment Wednesday night - charges that could send the tattooed teen to jail for a long time. He was held without bail.

After the murder Friday, Katehis shed his bloody clothes and fled Weber's pad in some of the victim's duds - only to land in cop custody after a G train conductor spotted his bleeding left hand, Kelly said.
When cops nabbed him just before midnight Tuesday, Katehis was still dressed in Weber's clothes and carrying a dagger that was not the murder weapon, Kelly said. Katehis admitted stabbing Weber, a longtime WABC reporter, after answering an ad on Craigslist looking for rough sex."He saw the victim's ad looking for violent sex and said, 'I can smother somebody for $60,' but it got out of hand," a police source said.
Katehis' lawyer says his client "was being used by an older man." On right-wing sites, the victim is already being ridiculed as a pedophile "who got what he deserved."

Freepers react:
-"Do you think he had a great screaming for mercy voice?"
-"So the Pedophile got snuffed before being caught molesting children. Good riddance"
-"Otherwise known as the PROFILE of a typical Obama supporter."
-"any chance we can set this guy up with bawney fwank-they’d make a cute couple"
-"It's well known in the gay community that most gay men support NAMBLA’s quest to decriminalize gay sex between young boys and older men."

UPDATE: CNN's Rick Sanchez add his usual hyperbole to the story. Both Sanchez and his guest can't get over that somebody actually hooked up via the internet, calling it "poor judgment". Speaking of poor judgment, you might not know that in 1990, when Sanchez was a local reporter in Miami, he fled the scene after drunkenly running over a man as he exited Dolphins Stadium. The man later died and Sanchez plead guilty to DUI. Good judgment, eh? None of us in Miami could believe it when Sanchez returned to the airwaves.

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