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DC's Anti-Gay Marriage Protest
"Like A Hitler Youth Rally"

At today's anti-gay marriage rally in DC's Freedom Plaza, NOM-organized haters turned with arms outstretched to cast the Holy Spirit upon the evil sodomites in the building across the street where DC's City Council meets.

JMG reader Russ sent us the photo and says:
"This is a group of demonstrators at Freedom Plaza in DC, today. They were shouting "NO SAME SEX MARRIAGE NOW!" The rally was sponsored by NOM, apparently. I was amazed that there were no counter protesters. I wish the attached pic was closer to them, but the guy was speechifying and praying and asked that they raise their hands to the District Building across the street, to impart the power of the Lord on those inside (to vote against same sex marriage). The fact that suddenly it looked like a Hitler Youth rally was apparently lost on all of them."

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