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Giuliani Goes After Paterson On Marriage

Former NYC mayor and failed 2008 presidential candidate Rudy Giuliani is defending all three of his traditional marriages and attacking Gov. Paterson for supporting same-sex marriage.
Rudy Giuliani is declaring war on gay marriage -- vowing to use his strong opposition of it against the Democrats if he runs for governor next year. The former mayor, in an extended interview with The Post, also predicted that Gov. Paterson's high-profile effort to legalize gay marriage would anger many New Yorkers and spark a revolt that could help sweep Republicans into office in 2010. "This will create a grass-roots movement. This is the kind of issue that, in many ways, is somewhat beyond politics," said Giuliani. "Marriage, I believe, both traditionally and legally, has always been between a man and a woman and should remain between a man and woman," said Giuliani, who has been married three times.
Giuliani's gay BFFs, with whom he once lived for six months, don't have a problem with his position and say they are getting married anyway.

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