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Iowa Family Policy Council Hits New Low

On behalf of the Iowa Family Policy Council, a local couple has published an editorial in the Des Moines Register titled Homosexual lifestyle, marriage cause families pain. The piece tells the story of their recently deceased son, who was "recruited" into the "cult" of homosexuality "by a coworker" and then "abandoned" by his "friends" to die of AIDS alone. A small excerpt:
As a parent, nothing can prepare you for the loss of a child to a terminal illness. It's somehow worse when that illness resulted from your child's reckless decision and his own actions. Witnessing the daily physical deterioration of our son caused great pain and sadness to us as parents and on the extended family as well. It was interesting to note that once Randy was diagnosed HIV positive, the homosexual community who had actively recruited him and had claimed to be his "family" were nowhere to be found. As his health declined, he spoke frankly about the homosexual experience. Randy said, "It is not an alternate lifestyle. It is a cult."

For the Iowa Supreme Court to sanction homosexual "marriage" is to encourage and underwrite the negative results that naturally come from the homosexual "lifestyle." Aside from the physical destruction inflicted on those who practice homosexuality and the incredible stress homosexuals cause their extended families, society often pays a hefty price as well. Randy lost his job when he was no longer strong enough to work. With the loss of that job, he lost his ability to insure himself. As a result, you the taxpayer paid for more than $250,000 in medical bills for this one AIDS patient.
No, he wasn't "recruited." You gave him your gay genes and made him that way yourselves. And it was your own rejection of him that caused him to hate himself and probably, distance himself from his gay family who would have likely been there for him. YOU did this. Here's their YouTube clip.

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