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NYC Friday: Protest At Iraq Mission

There will be a protest of the murders of gay men in Iraq at NYC's Iraq Mission at noon on Friday.
Iraq Mission, 14 E. 79th Street in Manhattan
Friday, April 10, 2009 at 12 Noon.

Organizers of Friday’s protest point to the staggering number of gay men killed: over 400 since 2003, and over 85 since 2005. Men have been identified in and around Baghdad’s Shiit slum known as Sadr City with bullet-ridden bodies, some with broken arms and legs, and with the words “pervert” or “puppy” (a derogatory word used by residents in Sadr City to refer to gays) written on their chests. In an act of intimidation, a café frequented by lgbt citizens of Sadr City has been firebombed.
(Via - Petrelis Files)

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