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Paterson: Guilt Drives Marriage Opponents

Yesterday NY Gov. Paterson called out religious leaders for opposing marriage equality, saying they do so because they feel guilty about not stopping gay bashing.
Gov. Paterson said Tuesday gay marriage foes - including religious leaders - are driven by guilt over their failure to oppose discrimination and violence against homosexuals. Paterson told a gathering of about 2,000 gay rights advocates that many of the people speaking out against his bill to legalize gay marriage were silent when gays and lesbians were beaten, chastised or blamed for AIDS. "Where were these leaders of faith when college students of gay and lesbian orientation were beaten and often brutalized for expressing their feelings for each other," Paterson said. Dennis Poust, director of communications for the New York State Catholic Conference, called Paterson's remarks disappointing and baffling. "We are not sure why he would feel the need to question the motivations of good people who disagree with him on this issue and engage in armchair psychoanalysis," Poust said. Guilt has nothing to do with it," Poust said.
I bet that quote will have legs during the election.

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