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This Week In Holy Crimes

Over the last seven days....

Indiana: Salvation Army Pastor Jonathan Hartman arrested for molesting three girls, youngest was 13, one is pregnant.
Alabama: Pastor Randall Pardue arrested for securities fraud.
Rev. Arcadio Larry Pineda and wife sued by congregation for embezzling over $100K.
North Carolina: Bishop Anthony Linwright charged with tax evasion, mail fraud, perjury for evading hundreds of thousands in income tax while driving a $175K Bentley.
California: Pastor
Allen Harrod sentenced to life in prison for multiple charges of interstate transportation of minors for sexual activity.
New York: Father Steven Valenta charged with sexual assault on adult female family member.
Mexico: Father Rafael Muñiz Lopez arrested in bust of kiddie porn ring.
South Dakota: Pastor Timothy Stewart busted as peeping Tom.
Indiana: Pastor Chester Mulligan pleads guilty to stalking the 14 year-old girl he'd allegedly been fucking.
Arkansas: Pastor David Pierce arrested for sexual indecency with a minor.
Delaware: Pastor Timothy J. McDorman charged with rape of 16 year-old and possession of child pornography.

This week's winner:
Maryland: Pastor Kevin Jerome Pushia charged with murder-for-hire for putting a hit out on the blind and disabled man in his care. Pushia allegedly used $50K in church funds to pay for the murder so that he could collect the victim's life insurance settlement. Lemuel Wallace was found dead in a park restroom with multiple gunshot wounds. A notation in Pastor Pushia's daily planner read that day: "L.W. project completed."

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