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Tomorrow: Florida Supreme Court Hears Gay Adoption Case

Tomorrow the Florida Supreme Court will hear the case regarding the Florida Bar, which recently supported a repeal of the ban on gay couples adopting. Wingnuts lawyers contend that the Bar cannot do that and still claim to represent Christian lawyers. Via the Palm Beach County Human Rights Council:
In January, the Board of Governors of The Florida Bar voted unanimously (with one recusal) to allow the Family Law Section to file an amicus brief supporting 11th Circuit Judge Cindy Lederman's November 25, 2008, decision to declare F.S. ยง63.042(3) unconstitutional and to allow homosexual foster parents to adopt two brothers they had nurtured for four years. Liberty Counsel, an anti-gay lobbying organization based in Florida, filed a petition at the Florida Supreme Court, arguing that the Bar should remain neutral in the state's homosexual adoption controversy. To watch the oral argument live online at 10:400 a.m. on Wednesday, April 22, 2009, click here.

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