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Toronto: World's First Murder Conviction For Knowingly Spreading HIV

In what is being called the first such result in the world, a Ugandan immigrant in Canada has been convicted of two counts of first degree murder for knowingly infecting women with HIV.
During the trial, which began in October of last year, prosecutors said that Johnson Aziga had unprotected sex with former female co-workers and women he met at bars. Aziga had been aware he was carrying HIV since 1996 and public health officials had ordered him to disclose his illness to any potential sexual partners. During the trial, the jury of three women and nine men had to decide if the illnesses and deaths could be directly linked to Aziga, a Ugandan immigrant who worked for the Ontario Ministry of the Attorney General. The Crown said that seven women were infected with HIV and that two of them died after Aziga, in police custody since 2003, neglected to tell them about his illness. Aziga met both of the deceased women while working for the Ontario government, the court heard. Another four women were also exposed to the virus, but later tested negative for HIV, prosecutors told the court.
Under Canadian law, a first-degree murder conviction means a mandatory life sentence.

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