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Watch Vermont's Override Attempt

The Vermont House and Senate will vote today on the attempted override of Gov. Jim Douglas' marriage equality veto. Watch it live here.
The vote to override the veto will start Tuesday morning in the Senate, where a 26-4 vote on the bill itself indicates an override is likely. The House vote, possibly later this morning, will be more dramatic. Smith and other House Democratic leaders are urging Democrats who voted against the bill to support the majority and vote for the override. If all 150 members are present, 100 votes are needed for an override. Counting all members who voted for the bill in two votes last week, plus the speaker, who did not cast a vote but may on the override, there are 97 who support the bill. Two Democrats who voted against the bill have said they would change course and support the override.
UPDATE: The Senate has easily overridden Douglas' veto by a vote of 23-5.

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