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Anchorage AK Considers Gay Rights Bill

Alaska's largest city is considering a gay rights bill prohibiting housing and employment discrimination, but as usual, a wingnut group with "family" in their name is fighting for the right to be bigots.
The ordinance would also prohibit discrimination against military veterans, but opponents claim the measure tacked on vets to make it appeal to more people. "There isn't really a tie between those who are veterans of wars and those who are having sexual orientation issues," said Jim Minnery with the Alaska Family Council. Those against the ordinance say it would limit religious liberties, not civil liberties. "We don't believe homosexuals and lesbians are being homeless and without jobs because of their sexual orientation," said Minnery. "There's plenty of businesses and landlords across the community that are more than willing to be tolerant." The same issue came before the Assembly in the 1970s. It was approved, but was vetoed by then-Mayor George Sullivan, father of current Mayor-elect Dan Sullivan.
Anchorage's interim mayor says he'd sign the bill. Hopefully the Assembly will get it to him before the incoming asshat takes office.

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