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Birthers Launch Billboard Campaign

Sponsored by Christianist site World Net Daily, the "birthers," a particularly nasty subset of wingnuts who believe that Barack Obama was not born in the United States, have launched a national billboard campaign demanding "Where's The Birth Certificate?"
The idea behind the billboard campaign is to make sure Obama cannot avoid this question any longer. He must be asked to produce it at every turn, [WND founder] Farah says. Billboard space is currently being hunted in Houston, Dallas, San Antonio, Sacramento, San Francisco, New York-New Jersey, Des Moines, Seattle and other metro areas. "Is it unusual for a news agency to launch such a campaign?" asks Farah. "Yes it is. But we live in very unusual times. The founding fathers built special protections into the First Amendment for the free press. The reason they did that is because they understood a vibrant 'Fourth Estate' was necessary as an independent watchdog on government. It is in that tradition that WND assumes this role – since nobody else in the press will do it."
The birthers claim that the president's birth certificate is an obviously photoshopped forgery, that he was actually born in Indonesia, and that he is therefore ineligible to be president.

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