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Killer Of George Weber Pleads Not Guilty: "I Stabbed Him 50 Times In Self-Defense"

Sixteen year-old John Katehis pleaded not guilty to the murder of former ABC newsman George Weber on Friday, claiming he was acting in self-defense when he stabbed Weber at least 50 times after meeting him on Craigslist. Predictably, Katehis' defense attorney Jeffrey Schwartz is attacking the character of the victim, claiming that Weber "lured the kid" and therefore, presumably, got what was coming to him.
"It seems like Mr. Weber had this whole secret life that no one knew about," Schwartz said. "He went by the name of SmotherBoy on Craigslist, which is a way he either lured or attempted to lure other underage boys into his lair, supplied them, or at least Mr. Katehis, with drugs and alcohol, attempted to get him to do some sadomasochistic sex to him and the situation got out of control." While Katehis's emotional parents would not comment, Schwartz said that his client is a confused teen. "He's a normal child who might have been boasting and bragging like we all do on his Facebook page to try to look like a macho ninja person," said Schwartz.
Katehis will be tried as an adult.

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