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NAMES Project Creator Cleve Jones Endorses Call For March On Washington

Cleve Jones, the creator of the NAMES Project AIDS Memorial Quilt and former campaign worker for Harvey Milk, has endorsed David Mixner's call for a new March On Washington. Via Towleroad:

"Sadly, at the very moment we are poised to reach our greatest goals, President Obama and the Democratic leaders of Congress have turned their backs, forgotten their promises and betrayed our trust. In recent weeks House Speaker Nancy Pelosi has stated that repeal of the Defense of Marriage Act is “not a priority.” President Obama has ignored the appeals of brave young people serving in our military as they are drummed out of the services for being gay or lesbian. Indeed, Lt. Daniel Choi who recently “came out” publicly, was dismissed from the army, even though he is a highly valued fluent Arabic speaker and a veteran of the Iraq war. Apologists for the Democrats counsel caution and patience. They speak of “political reality.” The time has come to change that reality. I applaud and endorse David Mixner's call for a national march..."

Jones goes on to recommend that any march demand "“Full Equality Now - full and equal protection under the law for LGBT people in all matters governed by civil law in all 50 states.” Let's stop settling for fractions of equality. Every compromise undermines our humanity. We must declare our equality." Mixner's plan focuses more on a demand for marriage equality. Jones wants the march to take place on the weekend of October 10th & 11th - which is National Coming Out Day.

RELATED: A very young Cleve Jones was played by Emile Hirsch in Milk.

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