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NOM's New York Ad

NOM has released a new ad to be aired in Albany and NYC. The clip hits the same tired Prop 8 moments, including the school kids who attended their teacher's wedding and Gavin Newsom's "like it or not" quote. Note the African-American announcer.

UPDATE: Maggie Gallagher talks to the NYT:
The group said it hopes the commercial, which is intended to raise doubts about an argument made by advocates for same-sex marriage — that allowing gay couples to marry is simply a matter of fairness and equality — will give opponents a louder voice in a debate that has been dominated by the other side. “We need to combat the relative vacuum on our side,” Maggie Gallagher, the founder of the National Organization for Marriage, said in an interview on Wednesday. “This message is that gay marriage will have consequences. And if you oppose gay marriage, pick up the phone, write a letter, drop an e-mail, send us some money.” Ms. Gallagher added: “Their most powerful argument is, ‘This won’t matter to you, so you can drop your opposition.’ ”

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