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Obama's National Security Adviser "Not Sure" If DADT Will Be Repealed

Servicemembers Legal Defense Network responds:
Gay and lesbian soldiers continue to get fired on this President's watch, most recently Arabic linguist Army Lt. Dan Choi and 2nd Army Second Lt. Sandy Tsao. At the end of the day, this is what the debate is about-them and their families. Also on ‘This Week', Senator John McCain indicated that a study or review should be conducted. "A protracted study or National Commission is a cop out," notes [SLDN executive director] Sarvis. "It is the way Washington ignores something it doesn't want to deal with. We hope Obama is not going along with this." There have been almost a dozen studies on the topic. Going back to 1993, RAND did a study on the impact of openly gay and lesbian soldiers on unit cohesion. Their conclusion: no negative impact. Every scientific, credible study since then has come to the same conclusion. SLDN had hoped this president would offer leadership, not give in to some throw away study or commission. The right approach would be a presidential working group that focuses solely on implementation and reports back to the president with recommendations within 90 days.

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