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The Roar Of The Crowd

As a commenter on Vanishing New York puts it, "No one moved to the East Village/Lower East Side to hear birdsong in the mornings and crickets at night," but the new Thompson LES Hotel's rooftop pool bar, which is literally inches from the windows of the surrounding apartments, has got the entire neighborhood in an uproar. Here's a 20-second clip taken by one of the hotel's neighbors, who lives a couple floors above the nightly pool parties. In the left of this shot are some of the apartment windows next door.

The hotel has offered to send its neighbors a weekly list of events. One neighbor responds: "What good will that do? So I know when not to stay in my own apartment in case I want to sleep?” There have been community meeting about the hotel, but it seems like they may be within the zoning regs, somehow. What would you do?

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