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San Diego: Gays Occupy Marriage Bureau

Several dozen gay activists are occupying the San Diego County Clerk's office, saying they won't leave until they get a marriage license.
The event, organized in response to the state Supreme Court's decision yesterday to uphold the state's gay marriage ban, began around noon at the County Administration Center in downtown San Diego. Michael Anderson, 27, and Brian Baumgardner, 26, arrived at the office shortly after that and asked for a license. In response, Diana Bradrick, chief deputy recorder/clerk, said, “I'm sorry, but under state law, we aren't allowed to issue licenses to same-sex couples.” With that, Anderson and Baumgardner, who live in North Park, joined in a circle with supporters in the waiting area. They said they will not leave until they get a license. The group is chanting, singing and reading pieces aloud, including Martin Luther King Jr.'s “Letter from Birmingham Jail.” The office closes at 5 p.m. Bradrick said she won't ask for police intervention unless the demonstrators disrupt business or get unruly.
County employees are directing regular traffic into another room while the protest continues.

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