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SC Lawmakers: Gay On Gay Violence Is OK

A bill before the South Carolina legislature would authorize public schools to include information about teen dating violence in student handbooks. But one lawmaker wants to be sure that gay-on-gay violence isn't mentioned.
The bill hit an unexpected roadblock Wednesday when Rep. Greg Delleney, R-Chester, introduced an amendment requiring the material to address only heterosexual relationships. “I don’t want the Department of Education or school districts to teach children in grades six through 12 about (same-sex) relationships,” Delleney said. Objections in the House led to the bill being delayed. Gay rights advocates say Delleney’s amendment is another attempt to ignore the gay and lesbian community. “The fact that the state continually tries to find every way to ignore every other type of family ... it’s just outrageous,” said Ryan Wilson, president of the S.C. Pride Movement.
The bill is expected to pass with the "no gays" amendment attached.

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