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Washington State Domestic Partners Repeal Effort Will Be....Weighty

The haters behind Referendum 71, the petition effort to repeal Washington state's new "everything but marriage" domestic partners law, have a little problem on their hands. State law requires that repeal petitions carry the full wording of the law they are trying to turn back. But how are they going to accomplish that when the domestic partners bill is 114 pages long? Dominic Holden at Slog reports:
Large bodies of text have been printed on petitions before--but nothing like this. Initiative 1029, which concerned health-care workers, ran a petition last year that included the equivalent of 21 regular pages of copy. “They took a large piece of paper and folded it four times,” says Ammons, adding the text was in minute six-point type. “If the text got too small [on Referendum 71] … it would be subject to challenge,” he says. Referendum 71, however, contains more than five times the text as 1029. The petition “is under design at the moment," Gary Randall, a board member of Protect Marriage Washington, writes on his blog. "Our printing costs will be unusually expensive.” He then asks people to donate.
In the words of Dominic: HA HA HA HA HA HA.

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