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You Can't Be Gay And Buried In Senegal

Even after death, you cannot escape the gay witchhunt in Senegal.
Senegalese villagers dug up the body of a man at the weekend, saying he was gay and that they did not want him buried in a Muslim cemetery, police said Monday. Police in the village of Thies, in the west of the country, were called out after villagers exhumed the body. The man, born in Dakar in 1975, had died in hospital on Saturday of natural causes, said a police officer in the village. "But after his burial the same day in a Muslim cemetery, four people dug him up. The deceased was considered homosexual," the officer said. "We intervened and the people dispersed. The parents (of the deceased) put the body in the tomb," the officer added.But overnight a group of people once again dug up the body and dumped it in front of the parents' home, the officer added. "The father took the body for burial elsewhere."
Homosexual sex in Senegal is a crime punishable by five years in prison. In recent weeks an anti-gay campaign has seen Muslim leaders there calling for the deaths of all gay people.

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