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Bernie Madoff Sentenced To 150 Years

Billionaire scammer Bernie Madoff was just sentenced to 150 years in prison.
Judge Denny Chin said the sentence was a symbolic one for a crime that showed "extraordinary evil" and "took a staggering human tool." Madoff , addressing the court in a dark suit for about six minutes, said that when he started the scam, he thought he'd be able to "work my way out." He said he lives in a tormented stated and expressed regret of leaving a "legacy of shame" to his family and grandchildren." Madoff said his wife Ruth will make a statement later today. He maintained that he acted alone, saying, "How do you excuse lying to brother and sons? How do you excuse lying and deceiving a wife who stood by you for 50 years and still stands by you? There is no excuse for that and I don't ask for forgiveness." He then faced his victims in court and said, "I'm sorry."
Prosecutors continue to look into charges against Madoff's wife and family.

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