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Did Michael Jackson Die Of Anorexia?

When a 50 year-old man only weighs 112 pounds at 5'11", it seems possible.

According to autopsy reports, the King of Pop was a skeletal 112 pounds when he died last Thursday. Although the cause of death won’t be known for weeks, two authors of Michael Jackson biographies have put forward an intriguing theory: that Jackson might have died of anorexia. I'm going to make a prediction: Part of the contributing factor not only will be substance abuse ... but it will also be anorexia,” Diane Dimond, who wrote a book about Jackson’s molestation trial, said on CNN on Thursday. She went on to recall that, when she was reporting on the trial in 2005, Jackson was so emaciated that she wondered how he could stand up. Meanwhile, Ian Halperin, author of the forthcoming Unmasked: The Final Years of Michael Jackson, wrote in the U.K. Daily Mail that Jackson had lost significant weight in recent months, and that his doctors wondered if he was bulimic. He quoted a Jackson staff member saying: “He goes days at a time hardly eating a thing, and at one point his doctor was asking people if he had been throwing up after meals.” The staff member continued: “‘He suspected bulimia, but when we said he hardly eats any meals, the doc thought it was probably anorexia.’”

RELATED: Some gossip sites are claiming that one of the boys who accused Jackson of molestation has recanted his story, saying his father forced him to lie for the money. Other sites are denying the story.

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