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Gay City News On Albany Revolt

If you're still trying to figure what the hell has been going on in Albany this week (and who isn't), Gay City News editor Paul Schindler has posted an excellent and very detailed breakdown of this still chaotic situation.

Late yesterday, Schindler got openly gay state Sen. Thomas Duane (left, at podium) to finally comment on the widespread speculation that he is contemplating joining the Democratic Senate defectors who now support GOP Majority Leader Dean Skelos.
"Yes, I did miss a Democratic press conference on Monday," he responded, when asked about the reports. "And except for when I really needed to be in the Capitol, I chose not to be there because it's a very toxic place, full of only rumors. My not being there has nothing to do with anything other than it not being a place where I wanted to spend a lot of time. I don't think anyone should read anything more into it." Duane, however, conceded that he had not attended any meeting of the beleaguered Democratic caucus since the Senate was thrown into turmoil Monday, and made no attempt to deny rumors that he was talking to the Republicans. When asked if he could dispel stories that the GOP had reached out to him, he responded, "I have spoken to people on both sides of the aisle about seeing every issue accomplished that I have spent my whole life working to accomplish." He then added quickly, "And with that I will leave you," and ended the call.
Secret alliances, indicted pols, wealthy influence peddlers, sexual scandal, domestic violence, double-crossing, pork barrel corruption - it's all in a days work in Albany. Where same-sex marriage may end up in this swirling sewer called New York state government is anybody's guess at this point.

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(Photo via Gay City News)

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