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New York's Catholic Bishops Step Up Attacks On Marriage Equality

Led by Archbishop Timothy Dolan, the eight Catholic bishops of New York have released a statement condemning marriage equality. This is the first such joint statement from the group.
"We face today the prospect of a law in New York which would radically change the timeless institution of marriage. As pastors of citizens from every corner of our great state, we stand unified in our strong opposition to such a drastic measure," the bishops said, urging Catholics to contact their senators. Beginning with a historical approach, the group of bishops noted that "throughout history ... the one constant has been the conviction that marriage is the union of a man and a woman in an enduring bond, ordered for the procreation and stable rearing of children." Although Catholic opposition to same-sex "marriage" is frequently cast as solely religion-based, the New York bishops stated that, "Just as importantly, it is based on reason, sound public policy, and plain common sense."
The bishops close by saying that IF discrimination against LGBT exists in New York, that needs to be addressed in methods "other than radically redefining marriage." Then they went back to their orgy with altar boys.

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