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NYC Council Speaker Christine Quinn: New York Marriage Equality "Up In The Air"

Yesterday NYC's openly lesbian City Council Speaker Christine Quinn expressed doubts that marriage equality will come to New York this year.
“I don’t know if we’re going to win this year,” Quinn said in opening remarks to the city council’s annual gay pride celebration, which she hosted. “But I do know we’re incredibly close.” That assessment sounded decidedly less optimistic than what Quinn expressed during an address on June 1 before the National Lesbian and Gay Journalists Association, where she called the passage of marriage equality legislation “a very big thing that I believe is going to happen this month.”
As the state Senate enters its third week of stalemate on Monday, it is becoming increasingly possible that an extended session will be called for, rather than ending things as scheduled on Friday with unfinished business still on the table. Andy Towle reports that some Senators are anxious to finish one tax bill in particular, then call it a day. If your state Senator is on the list below, please CALL THEM TODAY and ask that they push for a vote on marriage equality before allowing the current session to end. (I'm a bit taken aback to see MY own Sen. Liz Krueger on the below list. Calling her right this second.)
Sen. Diane Savino (Staten Island, BK – Southwest): 518-455-2437
Sen. Daniel Squadron (Lower MH, BK – Northwest): 518-455-2625
Sen. Liz Krueger (Manhattan- UES): 518-455-2297
Sen. Eric Schneiderman (NW Manhattan): 518-455-2041
Sen. Jeff Klein ( Bronx, Lower Westchester): 518-455-3595

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