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Stars And Stripes Supports Story That HRC Soft-Pedaled Repeal Of DADT

Three weeks ago reporter Jason Bellini created a firestorm in the gay blogosphere with his Daily Beast story charging that the HRC had asked Congress to put aside working on the repeal of DADT in favor of other items like the passage of hate crimes and ENDA. The HRC issued a vehement denial of the story and after a few days the furor seemed to die down. But Timothy Kincaid at Box Turtle Bulletin points us to this story in yesterday's Stars And Stripes which backs Bellini's account.
An official with the House Democratic leadership said the House is committed to repealing “don’t ask” but has agreed with civil rights groups to put new hate crime legislation and a workplace nondiscrimination bill on the legislative calendar before taking up the military issue. White House officials declined comment on their plans, and on whether the president will send his own “don’t ask” legislation to Capitol Hill. Gibbs this week said simply that “we’re pleased that this is a priority not just of the president’s but of those in Congress, and we’re hopeful that something can get done.” But he also noted that the repeal is just one of numerous goals for the White House this year. The hot-potato game between the White House and Capitol Hill is fueling frustration among gay-rights advocates, who strongly supported both Obama and the Democratic slate of congressional candidates during last year’s election. Both the president and lawmakers promised during the campaign to overturn the “don’t ask” law.
The Stars And Stripes article goes on to quote Nathaniel Frank of the Palm Center, the group who had told Michelangelo Signorile the same story on his SiriusXM show.

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