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Westboro To Picket Gay NYC Synagogue

Westboro Baptist Church claims that it will picket NYC gay synagogue Congregation Beth Simchat Torah this Sunday at its Bethune Street location. The synagogue responds:
CBST will be holding a non-violent prayer vigil and service during the time of their protest. We cannot allow this group to go unchallenged as they engage in hateful speech at our synagogue. The most powerful response to such hatred is our demonstration of what makes us strong and powerful in the face of bigotry. We will not engage in any confrontational action or shouting matches. They would love it if we were to lose our composure. We will present who we are in a strong and meaningful way.

If you have a tallit, please bring it. If you would like to make colorful signs, please consider using:

"We are all created in God's image"
"God loves all of us"
"God made me gay"
and similar messages

8:45 AM on Sunday, June 21st at our Bethune location
As often is the case when Westboro appears, the targeted group is turning the protest into a fundraising opportunity. Furniture mogul Mitchell Gold has pledged a donation for every minute that Westboro protests the CBST. Others are encouraged to join in.

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