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Catholics Launch Three-State-Hate Tour

A Catholic Church-sponsored outfit laboriously called The American Society for the Defense of Tradition, Family and Property has launched a three state anti-gay marriage "crusade" in New York, Rhode Island, and Maine.
Starting today, TFP volunteers, divided into three contingents, called Saint Joseph Caravans, will tour major cities rallying support for traditional marriage. The Catholic group's handout offers "Ten reasons why homosexual 'marriage' is harmful and must be opposed," and calls on Americans to firmly and peacefully oppose the advance of the homosexual movement. "Like counterfeit currency, homosexual 'marriage' is not true marriage. It is morally wrong, sinful, offensive to God and a violation of natural law," said TFP spokesman John Ritchie. "To claim that marriage can be anything other than the union of one man and one woman is a flat denial of reality," he continued.

This summer, the state of Massachusetts is suing the United States, challenging the constitutionality of part of the Defense of Marriage Act. The challenge caused concern among pro-family advocates who believe the effort is one more step in the process to undermine the traditional family, the basic cell of society, and to destroy the innocence of our children and grandchildren. "Parents don't want their children in grade school to be told that the homosexual lifestyle is fine, but that's already happening," said Ritchie. "It's part of the homosexual movement's concerted effort to force the sexual revolution into the mainstream culture and banish God and His law from the public square."
According to the TFP's FAQ page, they stand for "monogamous and indissoluble marriage," and for a "protective wall against all Marxist, socialist and communist thought." Their volunteers appear at protests wearing red capes.

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