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Football Coach Apologies For F-Bombs

University of Hawaii football coach Greg McMackin apologized yesterday for using the word "faggot" several times while mocking a dance performed by Notre Dame players.
McMackin used the slur during a speech to reporters yesterday at the Western Athletic Conference Football Preview, where each of the nine WAC coaches was allotted 30 minutes to talk about his football team. In recalling a battle of chants between Notre Dame and UH players, McMackin used the derogatory phrase in describing the performance by the Fighting Irish. "They get up and do this little cheer ... this little f----- dance," McMackin told reporters, who chuckled as he demonstrated the dance. But the mood turned stone-cold sober as McMackin uttered the slur two more times while clumsily trying to apologize. Before the next coach's session, McMackin returned to the conference room and offered another apology. A half-hour later, WAC officials called a news conference, and McMackin issued a more formal apology.
McMackin faces discipline or termination. University of Hawaii administrators immediately denounced his words.

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