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How Much Did The DNC LGBT Fundraiser Really Make?

The Advocate reported that last Thursday's gay DNC fundraiser at DC's Mandarin Oriental raised a record $1M, an amount widely reported in the blogosphere, including here. Skeptics about that figure abounded here and elsewhere. Michelangelo Signorile has been digging.
Several Democratic insiders tell me that DNC officials have much latitude in moving money around and attributing funds from other fundraisers -- or funds from regular donors, including members of the DNC's LGBT Leadership Council, who donate in increments throughout the year -- to this fundraiser to swell the numbers. I offered some of this analysis on the show on Friday, raising skepticism about the reports on the blogs, after having spoken to one Democratic insider. But over the past few days I've spoken to several other people familiar with fundraising and the DNC who expressed skepticism. Pam Spaulding as well has spoken to an insider about this in an update to her post. DNC officials can apparently make it look like they made one million dollars even if they only made 250K from the event.
Signorile goes on to question how many of the event's guests were comped, how many maxed out at a $30K donation, and how many requested refunds. It's a great piece - read the entire thing.

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