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To The North....About 18 Inches

This is what happens when you dig a new subway line under century-old brick buildings.
For the second time in a month, a building near the Second Avenue Subway construction site has been evacuated, authorities said. Residents of the building, at 92nd Street and Second Avenue, said they were told to leave yesterday afternoon. "I definitely wish I had gotten a call earlier. It's very difficult to move all this stuff out of my apartment," fumed Megan Linkin, 26, who lives at 301 East 92nd St., one of three addresses assigned to the building. "It probably has to do with the construction. You notice the blasting zone is right outside the door." Saeed Zokeri, 27, who owns a deli at 1766 Second Ave., said he was "angry" at the short notice he received. "They came today at 2 p.m. and said you have to get out. The building could collapse at any minute," he said. Residents of 1768 Second Ave. said they, too, were told to leave. One was told the building was leaning 18 inches to the north.
At least my building is safely down a side street and all I've had to deal with is power outages, cable outages, water outages....

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