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76 Monkeys With Trombones Led The Big Parade, With 110 Wingnuts Close At Hand

The marching band of Smith-Cotton High School in Sedalia, Missouri has had to send back their t-shirts because some parents were outraged that the shirt shows a monkey evolving into a human with a brass instrument. The logo on the shirt says "Brass Evolutions."
"I was disappointed with the image on the shirt," said Sherry Melby, a band parent who teaches in the district. "I don't think evolution should be associated with our school." But other parents were just as dismayed that the shirts were taken away from students at the Sedalia school. Sophomore band member Denyel Luke said the reaction by some to the evolution theme was a little extreme. "It's not like we are saying God is bad," Luke said. "We aren't promoting evolution." The district will have to absorb the $700 cost of the shirts, which will be replaced as soon as administrators approve a design for the new ones.
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