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All Eyes On Maine

Today No On 1/Protect Maine Equality (formerly Maine Freedom To Marry) issued a call to its anti-gay opponents, asking them to endorse a standard of ethics in the battle to repeal same-same marriage. The Maine Code Of Campaign Practices is routinely signed by candidate for public office and No On 1 has sent a copy to the local Catholic diocese as well the campaign manager for the repeal effort.
“Maine has a longstanding tradition of campaigns that do not engage in mudslinging, lies, distortions and the politics of division,” said Jesse Connolly, Campaign Manager for NO on 1/Protect Maine Equality. “Maine voters expect us to take the high road, avoid poisonous attacks, and make our case based on fact and principle. Today, NO on 1 pledged to abide by that high standard, and we invite our opponents to join us and deliver the kind of campaign that Maine voters want and deserve.”
Meanwhile, Lorri Jean, executive director of the Los Angeles LGBT Center, has called for Californians to turn their eyes to Maine.
It would be hard to overstate the importance of a victory in Maine. Such a victory would be the first clear-cut, outright ballot box rejection of the kind of deceit, fear-mongering, anti-gay rhetoric they are sure to employ. Turning the tide there would change the landscape for all the fights to come. Yet this uphill battle will be hard to win without support and involvement from our community and our allies across the nation. So what can those of us in California and elsewhere do to help achieve that victory?

Decisions about whether and where to give money cannot be taken lightly in these tough economic times, but the stakes are high in Maine, and even a small contribution can go a long way in a state with only 1,400,000 residents. The anti-gay opposition is currently out-raising us by almost 3-to-1. We must help our side catch up to assure that their messages reach every voter. So please consider sending whatever you can. If you have the time and means to volunteer, the No on 1/Protect Maine Equality campaign will coordinate housing, provide training, and plug you into campaign teams.
Frank Schubert, the man who successfully engineered Proposition 8, has been hired to head the repeal effort in Maine.

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