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Budget Crunch: Focus On The Family Hands Off Its "Ex-Gay" Program

In the midst of a $6M budget shortfall, the cash-strapped Focus On The Family is transferring the operation of its Love Won Out series of "ex-gay" conferences to Exodus International.
“Exodus is the ideal organization to transition Love Won Out to,” said Melissa Fryrear, director of Love Won Out. She noted that Focus on the Family and Exodus have been closely aligned for years. That move comes at this time in part, Fryrear said, because Focus on the Family’s income is down $6 million from what was expected for this year. The shortfall was recently cited in an e-mail appeal to donors. Alan Chambers, director of Exodus, said his group is financially equipped to take over Love Won Out, but the move was in the making for years. Focus on the Family planned to provide financial support by providing speakers and marketing assistance.
Wayne Besen, whose Truth Wins Out organization was named in opposition to FOF, says, “If they are downsizing, it is because the market for such misinformation has continued to shrink.”

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