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Gay Bashing Victim: I Deserved It (And Thanks For Beating The Queer Out Of Me)

Well, this has got to be the strangest story of the year. Dwan Prince, 31, has sent an apology to the man whose 2005 attack in Brooklyn left Prince partially paralyzed, telling him that it was Prince's own flirtatious behavior that brought on the assault and that thanks to the beating, he is no longer gay. Duncan Osborne at Gay City News:
In a move that may complicate the retrial of Steven Pomie in the 2005 attack on Dwan Prince, Prince sent Pomie a letter in which he blamed himself for the brutal, anti-gay assault and expressed the hope that Pomie serve just five years in prison, with five years post-release supervision for the crime. “First please allow me to deeply apology for my hated comment,” Prince wrote in the July 20 letter, which Gay City News is quoting verbatim. “Please I do hope you know I am truly deeply sorry for what ever was sayed that night. I have made some big mistakes in my life and that was the stupidiest and biggest one of all.”

Pomie, now 26, allegedly attacked Prince in Brooklyn’s Brownsville section after the now 31-year-old flirted with him. Pomie first beat and kicked Prince with two other men, and then made a second assault with another man, witnesses said during Pomie’s 2006 trial. When Pomie returned alone to deliver a third beating, witnesses prevented him from attacking Prince, who was lying unconscious on the sidewalk. One witness testified that as Pomie walked away from the scene, he quickly turned back and “kicked [Prince] with his Tims,” referring to the Timberland brand of boots. “Then blood started gushing,” the witness said.
Pomie was originally sentenced to 25 years in prison for first degree assault as a hate crime, but his conviction was overturned last year and Pomie was ordered to be retried on lesser charges. He remains in prison awaiting that trial. Since the attack, Prince says he has been attending bible studies and told Pomie in his letter that the beating turned him straight, saying, “Steve you changed me! So hopefully when you get out we can hang out. You know me. I know you. I help you calm that angry machine down. And allow you to know I am not gay but a lover, and you can find me a female I can love and can love me.”

Read Duncan Osborne's entire story to get all the crazy details. I don't know what to say about this.

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