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HomoQuotable - Charles Perez

"I’ll probably never work in the news business again. Honestly, who’s going to hire a newsman, as good as he may be, who litigates against his employer? It’s not exactly a career builder. The good news, as my dentist told me August 6, the day I was fired, is: 'They can only take your job. They can’t take your talent.' [snip]

"There are no state or federal laws to support my claim. I’m relying on a new county ordinance, enacted last November, that added sexual orientation as a protected class. A positive outcome could help push the need for a state law and for the passage of the federal Employment Non-Discrimination Act, which was recently reintroduced by Rep. Barney Frank (D-MA)." - Miami-based ABC News anchor Charles Perez, in a Daily Beast essay titled Why I Committed Career Suicide.

Perez has added a retaliation charge to his complaint, claiming he was fired for filing the complaint after he was demoted.

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