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HomoQuotable - Lt. Dan Choi

"For LGBT veterans, NOW is the time to be visible for those who are invisible, to be heard while others must stay silent. This is a “mandatory formation” for all vets who gave up their service because they could no longer live a lie, or who were hounded out because of who they loved, and for those who support them. I understand why veterans of the LGBT rights movement feel that we don’t need a national march. The concern that this will divert effort from other important work – passing marriage equality at the statehouses, for one.

"But I disagree with the notion that making the trek to DC will take away from our other efforts. In fact, it will focus and re-energize the work we will do when we get home. 2009 can be a milestone, a tipping point. This is the year when we step up to our full citizenship as Americans: marrying and raising families, serving in our military. Join us in Washington on October 11 to tell the whole nation." - DADT victim Lt. Dan Choi, writing in support of the National Equality March for Pam's House Blend. Read his entire essay.

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