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HomoQuotable - Melissa Etheridge

"We (gays) are a sweet group of people who just really want to love and dance. We want to work and decorate our homes and fix up our houses. For us to have to fight for our equal rights for that is really strange."

"I could have probably been under that label (sex addict) but I was more of a drama addict. Lots of drama (in my 20s). I really, really enjoyed a woman's touch. I enjoyed being intimately connected to another woman. And I enjoyed it a lot and with a lot of different women. I just really liked it. I would think it was a beautiful, amazing thing that would make me feel good, and then in the morning, I didn't feel so good. There was a lot of dishonesty that came with it. If I had been really honest, I probably would have felt better about it. There was an emptiness that only I could fill, but I was looking for others to fill it." - Melissa Etheridge, speaking to LA's Lesbian News.

(Via - Rex Wockner)

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